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  • Salon de Weave strives to please all clients with 100% satisfaction. Therefore, if you are unsatisfied with services provided for any reason, please inform your stylist and/or check out personnel before leaving. We will gladly make every effort to resolve any problems within a reasonable time. Sorry, after receiving payment, there are no currency returns/refunds.

  • Salon de Weave is a full service express salon. This means that we offer express service for affordable prices. In order for us to offer these prices, we are working with a double tracking technique instead of single tracking. You will still have the same result! If you prefer single tracking, there is an additional charge. The stylist will inform you of any additional charges.

  • For our listed sew-in specials you need to bring two packs of 100% human hair and come with your hair shampoo and blow dried. There is an extra charge for using one pack of hair, using more than two packs of hair, single tracking, splitting tracks, re-using hair, or delaying the express service process for any reasons.

  • You will need to leave a $25 deposit if you have to leave the salon after being braided. If you miss your turn to be serviced for any reason the next available client will be called to be serviced and you may lose your spot in rotation.

  • Salon de Weave is not responsible for sensitive scalp, tenderness, abrasions, or sore due to braids or weaving process. Tightness, discomfort, burning sensation, or severe pain that may result in hair loss and bald spots is uncommon. You must return to Salon de Weave immediately for removal.

  • Clients should notify our staff on any medical condition that may affect your service. Clients with health concerns should not be left unsupervised.

  • Salon de Weave recommend you have your weave taken out professionally at our salons. We are not responsible for hair loss due to weave taken out/removed outside of Salon de Weave.

  • During holidays, weekends, and when the salon is excessively busy, payment shall be required in advance of service. For security reasons we require our last clients to prepay for their service.

  • If you are not being serviced you should wait in the lobby. It is prohibited to wait or linger in the salon service area.

  • All services shall begin with clean well shampooed hair. Salon de Weave reserves the right to not service you.

  • Inappropriate language and behavior is strictly prohibited.

  • Salon de Weave is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

  • Children are not allowed unless being serviced.

  • No pets allowed.